When people ask me what I do, I tell them I’m a writer, which is pretty straight-forward. But when they ask me what I write, the answer tends to sprawl. Short stories and flash fiction. Essays and criticism. Articles and book reviews…. I love short form fiction and long form essays. The subject dictates the shape a thing takes.

I’ve done a number of things in my life, and those experienes have shaped me. I’ve been an actor, a bookseller, a librarian and a writing tutor. I earned two different MA’s before settling into writing full time. I’m happy writing about anything because there’s always something to learn, but I’m especially passionate about pop culture, books, film, education and mental health. 

I spent close to fifteen years  writing about sexuality, trauma and mental health, literature and pop culture under various pseudonyms, but beneath the different by-lines, it was always just me, so I’ve decided to embrace the sprawl and write exclusively as myself from now on. The change feels awfully good.

Bibliographic Information:

Here are some of the things that interest me in no particular order:

Books, Perception, Pop Culture, Psychology, Coping Mechanisms, Dissociative Disorders, Feminism in the 20th and 21st century, Neurology, Evolutionary Psychology, Macabre Victorian History, Gender, Religion, Atheism, Spirituality, Buddhism, Sustainability, Death in Different Cultures, Polyculture Gardening, Fiber Arts, Embroidery, Books (again), Media, Parenting, Sexuality, Writing, Ethics, Morality, Sociopathy, Empathy, Power Dynamics, Control, Deviance, Virginity, the Gothic Novel, Femininity, Masculinity, Performance, the 19th century, Performative Identity, Personal Identity, Adaptation, Relationships, Justice, Existential Quandaries, Other Minds, Personal Responsibility, Cultural Analysis, Beauty, Knitting, Literary Criticism, Make-up, the History of Fashion, Vintage Clothes, Edward Gorey, Baking, Food, TV, Movies, Dogs, San Francisco, New York, Pre-Code Hollywood, Film History, London, Motherhood, Fairy Tales, Ghost Stories, Truth, Lies, Gray Areas, Fiction, Essays, Integrity, Recovery, Duality, Art,  Photography, Myths, Books (again, again).

This isn’t a complete list because the world is a big and interesting place. There’s always room for more.