Official Bio:

Malin James is an essayist, blogger and short story writer. Her work has appeared in Bust, MUTHA, Electric Literature, Queen Mob’s Tea House and Medium, as well as in anthologies for Cleis, Sweetmeats Press and others. She is currently at work on a short story collection for Go Deeper Press, which will release in Summer, 2017.

Her favorite thinkery thing is to use sex and psychology as lenses through which to examine our cultural assumptions, identities, and relationships. Also, she ❤️’s books (SO MUCH). Learn more at www.malinjames.com.

Bibliographic Information:

I kept a personal blog on and off for years, and before then I kept journals, sometimes haphazardly, but for as long as I could remember. They were filled with all sorts of things from heartbreak and worry to hopes for the future. And always, always books.

When I was young, books exposed me to love, longing, anger, joy, sex, pain and catharsis on a scale that I hadn’t experienced yet…. It was through books that I developed a sense of myself, even if that sense has long since changed. But the thing I’m most grateful for is that books taught me how to think. They taught me to be curious, to wonder, to want to understand. They taught me to be interested in the experiences of others and the world beyond myself.

Here are some of the things that interest me in no particular order:

Beauty, Culture, Psychology, Coping Mechanisms, Dissociative Disorders, Feminism in the 21st century, Gender, Religion, Atheism, Spirituality, Buddhism, Books, Media, Parenting, Sex, Sexuality, Writing, Ethics, Morality, Sociopathy, Empathy, Power Dynamics, Control, Deviance, Virginity, Femininity, Masculinity, Performative Identity, Personal Identity, Adaptation, Relationships, Justice, Existential Quandaries, Other Minds, Personal Responsibility, Cultural Analysis, Literary Criticism, Food, TV, Movies, Social Media, San Francisco, New York, Hollywood, London, Motherhood, Fairy Tales, Truth, Lies, Gray Areas, Fiction, Essays, Integrity, Recovery, Duality, Art, Discipline and Things Other People Say That Are Terribly Clever.

This isn’t a complete list because the world is a big and interesting place. There’s always room for more.

But back to the personal blog thing. I’m massively proud of my other site, People. Sex. Culture. It’s become my portfolio, testing ground and brain housing group, but it isn’t where I want to ramble, rant, geek, wonder and think out loud. All of that is for here – that, occasional fiction, random absurdities, and books. Always books.


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